6 Steps to Minimize Negative Self Talk

6 Steps to Minimize Negative Self Talk


We all have them, the negative chatter inside our heads.

Actually they arise because of life, the things we’re exposed to, the issues, challenges we face. The stuff we hear, read about and see.
So relax, there’s nothing wrong with you for having negative chatter and self talk.

However to avoid sitting in negative self talk we must learn how to minimize the internal chatter so we don’t get sucked into the spin cycle, get comfortable in it, and allow it to over stay its welcome and influence our behaviour and habits.

Here are some tips I use and my clients practice to minimize negative self talk:
  1. Recognize when it shows up and acknowledge it.
  2. Ask – Is it true? If yes then work on a solution. If no dismiss it by turning your attention to something else. Listen to a podcast, your favorite song, mantra, revisit what you’re thankful for.
  3. Attention – Give it as little attention as possible. Treat it like you would an unwanted guest.
  4. Invest the least amount of time around negative people – friends, family ,colleagues what you watch and hear.
  5. Build your mindset around what will help you develop and grow.
  6. Recognize you are in control and responsible for every thought that comes.

Final thoughts – don’t squander your precious time investing in thoughts that’s not serving you well. Maximize your growth by taking micro steps daily in elevating your thoughts to help you and in the process the voice of negative chatter and self talk will become quieter.
Best You!

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