A Better You and Me

Hi new followers – a huge thank you and appreciation for connecting with me. Here are a few personal share about me.

I’m a PD junkie. Coffee. Hooked and High on working out. It fuels my creativity and health. Love reading. It fuels my growth Life long learner. Crazy in love with my spouse and dog. Direct. Passionate. Caring. Keep it Real.

As an internal growth coach my focus is to help women become a better version of themselves.

It’s about improving the state of our being to lead a better quality of life. The work/life harmony we all want.

So, what does that really mean? To achieve continual long term satisfying results…

We must become reacquainted and reconnected to our internal state. The essence of who we are. The core or whatever you might call it.

How we communicate, live, behave and think flows from within/inside. From there we get the external state – how we show up/live and interact with others.

I’ve been doing this work for a long time. The first student I enrolled was me. And I am still that student. Over the years I’ve come to understand and experience the difference between quick short term fix to progressive long term continual gains and success.

External doing focus = quick short term fix

Internal being focus = progressive long term continual gains and success

I’ve experienced both and the latter is better.


promise you this – I will continue to share new, old, current content I am living/learning. What has worked/working for me and my clients. With one focus – To improve your state of BEing to lead a better quality of life. I’d love to hear from you DM me!

Best you Always


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