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So great to meet you Diane Dutchin - Your Mindset & Confidence Coach

I specialize in helping women, just like you, to live full lives, on purpose, and go fearlessly towards reaching your full potential.  

Many of my clients come to me for one of two reasons:

  1. Confident women who are successful in their professional life, but lack in some area of personal life: romance, fun, life-balance, relationship with children or other family members…
  2. Women who know what they want, but lack the confidence to fully go for it.

My mission is to empower my clients to transform their lives into a powerhouse of habits and purposeful activities that will bring about the quality of life they always dreamed of.

My passion is to create and foster a movement that inspires hope, provides support, and empowers women to FLOURISH. From wanting to doing and Being! Break through self-sabotaging destructive thought patterns and habits, dispel the lie fear and shame brings, discover your truth and step into your confidence and courage to experience the life you really want and deserve.

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An Unwavering Commitment to Your Success

My Coaching Philosophy

My commitment to every client is to help them build a life of purpose and passion. Gently remind clients of their true worth, discover and use their strengths, and recognize their abilities to improve the quality of their lives and flourish. 

Your success is my success!
It is crucial that you feel that you are getting the results you desire. You can work with me for 30-days 100% RISK FREE!  If after 30-days you are not completely satisfied with your growth-journey, I’ll refund you 100% of your investment.
I believe in win-win. When you win, I win. We are together on this journey, and together will bring about the results you seek!

Your Partner on Your Journey to the New You

My goal is to partner and help you upgrade and elevate the quality of your life. Coaching has transformative powers, and I’d love to share it with you, and help you shape your mindset, to help you amplify and transform you from the inside out.


My transformative coaching style will help you with the process of clarity, self-awareness, and restoration of your confidence. You will learn to take the reigns of your life and guide it in the direction you want to go and achieve the rewarding outcome you need; restoring you to being and feeling vibrant whole and alive again. Yes, it is not only possible to achieve the outcome you want, you are steps away from experiencing it.


In the past few years, I’ve helped numerous women, just like you, and I’d love you to be my next success story!  The ball is in your court now – to get started, click Here!


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