Be Better Believe in Yourself

Be Better Believe in Yourself

It really doesn’t matter how much you know. How knowledgeable you are. How many books you’ve read. How educated you are. What matters is do you believe in yourself enough to do something with the knowledge you’re accumulating. If you apply the knowledge, then it’s an investment that’s working for you.
If you choose not to believe in yourself and talk only about your accolades, then the time and money used to invest is now a loss. A deficit. If you choose to do nothing you bury what you have – again valueless.
Knowledge isn’t power. Only knowledge that’s applied becomes power and belief is the driving force of knowledge.
We don’t act on the knowledge because we doubt our ability, we live tied to what happened in the past, or what someone may have said.
Sow what you want to reap and whatever else shows up that’s a roadblock find a way through, over, under or around it.
Do something to get somewhere!
Do something to become better!
The knowledge you and I have is seed waiting to be planted. Maybe today you need to plant the seed of self belief to be empowered so you can invest the knowledge you have and begin reaping your harvest.

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