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We will explore and discover stories to inspire our lives. Where we read to learn, grow and for the sheer pleasure of it!

As a kid growing up in South America I read a lot – from Archie, war and western comics, the bible, novels, DIY books, to health journals because we never had a TV, and TV was only introduced to me when I arrived in Canada in 1986.

So, books have always had an important place in my life. As a kid I would journey to far away places and experience all sorts of emotions while sitting in my hammock in GT/South America. Today, the journey continues through the power of the written word transforming my personal growth, taking me on adventures and inspiring me along the way.

I’ll share with you the books I’ve read, my takeaway and what I’m currently reading. You can participate by submitting your own reviews, making you eligible to win free books, special offers, and other goodies.  Please note if there’s any affiliation with any authors, it will be clearly noted.

Women Rising Strong Book N’ Books Club

If you would like to recommend a book and share a brief review, then email me here with the following

·         Name of the book

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·         Your takeaway

·         Your name or initials and your city and country.   That’s it!

Women Rising Strong Book N’ Books Club

Well, come on then let’s get going – Join in the fun and personal growth!

* You’re welcome to bring a friend or two along as we journey into the world of discovery, entertainment, be enlightened, inspired and perhaps transformed.

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