Books I’ve Read


 This book instantaneously rose to my top 10 when  first read it in 2010, and it’s still my top 10 eight years in. As I moved through the pages I felt as if I was awakening from sleep and cobwebs were being gently blown away from my tangled mind.

Read this book if you’re in need of clarity, or confirmation. Read it even if you’re not really seeking “anything”, because I promise you this – you will walk away with something that will enrich your life. 

I got this book as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law Thelma because she knows how much I love reading. I asked her what was it about the book that caused her to get it for me?  Surely it wasn’t the title?:) 

She read the excerpt and thought it would be something I’d enjoy and heck yes, she nailed it. 

This book is not just an “original” because of the title. I think it is because it very conversational, raw, real and full of aha moments for me.  The thing I love about this book is the practicality it delivered that enable me to unlock some chains I had subconsciously tied into. FREEDOM! Grab a copy and don’t let the F bombs deter you this is a must read. 

How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

 I picked up this book because I liked the title…that’s it. I didn’t know anything about who the author Jen Sincero until I took a closer look. 

It’s refreshing, hilarious and so relatable. If you’re tired of living a less than vibrant alive life and ready to get practical. Move from Should to Must then get a copy.