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5 Steps to transform a colorless life into a colorful one


Can you imagine living in a world of just grey, black and blah? Depressing right? If we walked into a house that was without character, had signs of neglect, missing warmth or love, and made us feel uncomfortable, the chances of a revisit is slim. However, if we entered a home that reflected signs of personal care, warmth, love and character, and we felt comfortable, we would definitely look forward to a revisit.

Difficulties in personal and work relationships, sickness, financial hardship, loss of a loved one, sudden unemployment are some struggles (more…)

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Why Dancing is not just about moving the body

Ever found your body automatically moving to music-not coming from outside force, but from the freedom you felt within? A number of things could have triggered that reaction to dance; you’ve just heard good news – a clean bill of health from a test result that had you scared, a job promotion, graduating from college or university, finding love, celebrating a milestone, a relationship restored, or an internal breakthrough that you finally embraced – it was something that moved you to the place where the creation of music awakened within your soul, and you danced.

You’re transported to another realm of tasting freedom of body and soul. (more…)

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Is perfect health attainable and what does it mean

When you think about having perfect health what areas come to mind? is it just about your physical health? and have you ever had someone tell you what perfect health really means? I admit my definition of perfect health was only based on how healthy I was physically, it was where I was at in my life with a limited understanding of the extension of what this term means.

I’ve since discovered that physical health doesn’t equate to perfect health, and there are other factors combined that determines perfect health. (more…)

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How to stop the excuses and go the distance

Here’s the thing about goal/promise making to self or another; it will always cost you something and in some cases there’s usually some form of sacrifice involved. In addition, we can all agree that we’ve all “been there and done that” when it comes to following through on a goal/promise to self. We’re guilty of making excuses which prevents us from going the distance and finishing. Along with this acknowledgement  if you’re like me, we usually make every effort to do everything within our power to go the distance in fulfilling promises made to others. Regardless if the promise is delayed or not, it’s kept. When I began noticing this pattern in my own life, I set about to figure out why, and what I needed to do to apply that same attitude in accomplishing the goal/promise made to self. I know, there’s a sense of pride and honour attached to wanting to fulfil our word when it’s promised to others. It’s easier to excuse yourself from going the distance, but it’s certainly not right to rob yourself of that satisfaction and reward. (more…)

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