Be Brave with your Life

I had another article to share until this piece was shared with me. By now you know my passion, my life is all about inspiring, supporting and empowering women to live better best lives. A life that’s quality driven.
It’s a message I intend to keep sharing for the rest of my life, because I’ve been on the other side of quantity without quality, of more pain and less pleasure, of darker days than brighter ones…
Stop listening to those who say…
it can’t be done.
you should settle.
you don’t have it in you.
you don’t deserve it.
you are not worth it
Stop listening to that because it will kill your spirit and quench your fire. Listen to the voice of “I can, I will and I am”. 
Feed what you want to grow! If you want to remain in the state you are in – a life of pain, unhappiness, darkness, despair, worry, and fear then DO NOTHING!
The clip you’re about to listen to is about bravery – it probably wasn’t easy, but they did what had to be done, they were compelled to take a stand and speak up, and make a difference. Like racism, disrespect against women continues, I’m not sure it will ever stop, but it’s getting better. A slow churn, but getting better! It’s up to you and me to continue to educate those within, and without our circle who still choose to remain uneducated and ignorant in their belief and treatment towards us, and our sisters.
I’m sure like me this type of behavior still hits hard, angers, frustrates and saddens us. Yes, we’ve come so far, we have – yet there’s still more to be done. Together, and individually let’s do our part to stand against any form of discrimination towards women and anyone for that matter.
I am so very proud of these strong women who did what we all need to do – rise strong and be heard. Take a listen
To BEing your better self!