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Investing in yourself is very important. It is a key element that I learned through my coaching sessions with Diane. She does a thorough evaluation of your thoughts and actions and provides honest and precise insights about yourself. I believe that everyone should have the chance to assess their life truthfully because this experience truly opened my heart, mind and soul to become a better me!

May G.

When I sat down and talked with Diane, my life felt like it was out of control and I could not see a clear picture of the next step. I was overwhelmed with my regular day job and kept putting my dream to develop my coaching business on hold. I could not see past the stress of my day to day to be able to think clearly what needed to be done. With Diane’s help, I was able to create and accomplish specific tasks that contribute to my ultimate goal. I am back on track and more motivated than ever.

Angela Hanoski Life Coach

Diane’s gentleness, warmth, supportive presence, and empowering insights allowed me to explore myself in a safe and loving way. If you’re looking to be empowered and motivated Diane is the person to get you moving forward.

Sofi Martinez

Diane possesses the wonderful ability to motivate her clients to move forward, while offering a safe space for them to open up and express their vulnerability. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Diane, and would recommend her to anyone who desires to make lasting changes in their life.

Amanda P

Diane has made a profound difference in my life. Her obvious passion for her work is backed up by an abundant skill-set that has served me well she’s authentic and present, and speaks from the Heart. Our initial sessions focused on self-care and I am now doing better than I have ever done. If you want to make a real difference in your life, I highly recommended Diane…

Steve Stubber

You may forget what others say but you’ll never forget how they make you feel’ – I may not remember a lot of the exact words Diane have spoken to me during our sessions. However, I will never forget the warmth and care I’ve received from her during our sessions nor will I ever forget how I leave the sessions standing taller, feeling more empowered and being more aware of my own inner strength. Thank you Diane!


Diane is wonderfully adept as a life coach and counselor. She is this ability to help navigate issues in a way that opens space for new possibilities and change. In my sessions with Diane, I felt safe and confident to share issues that have been arising in my life. Her honest, gentle and compassionate nature made it easy to explore the most vulnerable parts of myself as I had absolute confidence in her ability to guide the conversation in a positive light. Diane has a love for life that truly shines through in her sessions and she reminded me again that challenges in life can be milestones of growth. Her authenticity is inspiring and I am abundantly grateful for the time I have spent working with her.


Diane is an outstanding coach who went above and beyond to support me with a challenging work situation. Her groundedness, understanding, and continued belief in me to handle the situation carried me to a successful outcome and I can’t thank her enough! I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance.


Approximately a year ago, I was catching up on LinkedIn and came across a statement posted on a profile that had a significant impact on how I was feeling at that moment and it stopped me in my tracks – I couldn’t move off the post. I had to make a comment on this profile thanking them for sharing the post…. this was Diane’s profile. Being the person Diane is, she reached out to me based on my comments and there was an immediate connection with Diane’s spirit. As I believe that the universe brings people into one’s life for a reason, I too believed that Diane was brought to me. And from here I started a healing journey with Diane that truly took me to a place of forgiveness, peace and deeper self-awareness. I would recommend Diane for her ability to feel, hear and see your needs through her keen ability to listen and interpret what she hears. I am incredibly grateful for her guidance and delicate care that she afforded me during my time with her. Thank you!


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