WHAT IS COACHING? Coaching is a process of increasing an individual personal and professional development to improve their performance and help them achieve what they want out of life. The approach is one of listening with intention to ask timely questions, and provide tools that will help guide the client towards awareness and clarity to achieve successful results.

WHO NEEDS A COACH? Anyone who is interested in increasing and improving their life on whatever level and area would benefit from hiring a coach.

Professional athlete and anyone who is successful at what they do work with coaches. Their present status of skill and success happened in part because they invested in partnering with a coach to help them reach another level of success to either overcome or get better at being better.


To reach a higher level of success

When the changes you’d like to see isn’t happening

To live your potential, break free from mediocre existing

To improve your personal and professional life and be a happier human BEing.

WHEN SHOULD I HIRE A COACH? When you are ready to take your life to the next level of successful living. It could be in in any of the 7 core areas that touches every human life. Download the free assessment worksheet, it will give you insight into which area you should start working on.

HOW DO I GO ABOUT SELECTING A COACH? Selecting the right coach is no different than going through the process of selecting the right financial advisor or doctor.  You’re going to invest your money and life into the hands of someone your feel you can trust, and feel confident they’re going to work with you to get you results.

Research 2-3 coaches, check out their website, testimonials, and if something resonates or speak to you then contact them for a discovery session.

**Some coaches do not offer free sessions, I used to until I discover the level of commitment isn’t there when it’s FREE. I now charge $20 for a 30 minute Discovery session** This tells me you’re serious about working with a coach.

Have 3-5 questions for the coach and pay attention to the questions they ask you and how it flows. You will know in your gut/spirit if that’s the coach for you.

Hope this helps to bring some clarity about the coaching practice. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a DISCOVERY call with me.

Best You!