It Wasn’t What She Signed Up For

It Wasn’t What She Signed Up For

It wasn’t what she signed up for, but what she ended up with was transformational from the inside out. I’ve never shared stories and pictures about clients in my blog posts, aside from testimonials. However, my client Bev’s journey validates a truth we know, but usually don’t practice. The truth about how our thoughts affect our lives and how we can influence our mindset to achieve the change we seek. With her permission here is part of her story.

Like all initial consulting calls I take the potential client through a series of questions and a “Where U At” checklist looking at the key areas of life to get an overview to see what’s present day priority, what’s important and what’s not and why not.  Bev wanted us to work together on her resume and next career move. During our first coaching call it was clear – building a resume and next career path wasn’t the real need after all.  

Internal check in reveals our truth!

Sometimes what’s most important lies silent and hidden and is only discovered and awakened when certain questions are asked. Self awareness provided clarity for Bev as our coaching sessions evolved. Her mindset was reset, her thought pattern began to change, her outlook realigned to match her belief and her actions propelled her to achieve external results.

It’s clear, we can choose to adjust our thoughts to match our action and realign the external to reflect what’s going on internally. Whatever key area of your life needs change – big or small. It can happen. It starts from the inside out with an internal check in.

Bev not only reconnected to herself in a deeper way, she regained her courage, confidence, focus, and love for herself…healthier mindset and body. 

What about you?  Do you find yourself in need of support beyond what a trusted friend or family member has provided? You just can’t put your finger on what’s needed to get your professional career life levelling up, your relationship revived, your care for self ignited? Your situation isn’t a lost cause and all hope isn’t lost. Stop buying into the “I can’t” because you have what you need to achieve what you really want. I’d love to help you tp

Ready? Connect with me and let’s have a conversation diane@makethemovecoaching.com


Before her internal awakening 2017
During her internal awakening present Oct 2018

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