Discipline to Unplug

(From excessive baggage that keeps you from succeeding)

Getting rid of excess baggage (internal or external) of any kind takes some form of work which equates to discipline. The outcome however provides a sense of accomplishment and personal reward. According to Webster dictionary, discipline means “training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character”.

The word discipline depending on how it’s used, can come across as a strong and direct. It’s like being in the spot light with no place to hide, and when it relates to us personally, it’s usually a hard pill to swallow – me, undisciplined? My spin on discipline is what I like to refer to as “healthy decision making”. The act of applying discipline/healthy decision making produces benefits that will enhance an enjoyable and successful life.


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What deposits are you making into your mind – Part II?

In part one I shared about the need to have our attitude and thinking re-adjusted a process that takes commitment, time and patience.  The same practices we’ve applied to getting our bodies healthier are the same steps that apply here. It’s the workout of our minds.

You may be familiar with this statement “garbage in, garbage out”, which speaks to what we feed our minds. If we’re in the habit of feeding our minds with information which produce a negative impact, then our withdrawal will be the same. This explanation would invoke a common sense response of – “duh, that’s a no brainer.” However, how many of us purposefully do that? It is simple; if we want to make positive healthy withdrawals, then we have to make positive healthy deposits. (more…)

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What deposits are you making into your mind? – Part 1

Load question right? Well, I found myself in an interesting place – you know, all part of life’s journey. Let me just say; though I don’t enjoy, anticipate, nor look forward to the downside and sometimes blind-side that life brings…later, I do look back; yes, I do, and appreciate the lessons I learned from both.  Though we can agree that life dishes out highs, lows, ups, downs and even blind-sides  however, we can learn, grow, and benefit from those times.  Unfortunately, it’s during those seasons we are forced to take a closer look internally, and ask the tough questions – (not the ones that add another knock-out punch to our already hurt soul), rather, the ones that can help guide us to a healthy place.  Sadly, in some instances we come up empty because there’s nothing healthy inside to draw on. (more…)

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How to know when it’s time for an attitude adjustment

The phrase “you need to check your attitude” or you need an attitude adjustment” is usually voiced after you’ve said something out of line or character to someone, or during those rare moments when we hear that inner voice saying “you need to check your attitude”.

Let’s face it, we all have had days and will continue to have days when our attitude will need adjusting. It’s important to NOT allow ourselves to accept and go through life’s journey with bad or wrong attitudes…they will eventually poison not only your soul, but those around you as well. (more…)

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Mental Health should be more of a priority

Feb 12th it’s Canada’s Mental Health Day – we will be reminded why taking care of our minds is important, statistics will be shared on how many Canadians have been affected with mental health and cases of lives taken by this disease.  At some point in our lives we have or will encounter low or sometimes dark days. We are encouraged to TALK about it  and STOP the silence’ it’s the silence that can  lead to mental depression and sadly physical death.

None of us regardless of our age, gender, race, employment or financial status are immune from being affected by depression or dark days.  Rick Rypien, a Vancouver Canucks player lived with depression and sadly took his life last August 2011 at the young age of 27. (more…)

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