Time to Look into the Mirror and Ask

Time to Look into the Mirror and Ask

this question “what’s stopping me?” and should you choose NOT to be honest with yourself, then don’t expect others to be, because they’re going to feed you the same tale you’ve been feeding yourself. It’s like eating the same awful meal day in, day out and you do so with a forced smile, because you want to win over the cook.

We wish our lives were different like having

A better job
A healthier financial portfolio
A happier life
A healthier body
A better attitude
Better friends
A richer relationship
And then we bleeping stop there…crickets!

We rinse and repeat living in a state of denial, and feeling unfulfilled.  The only place it’s real is in our imagination, and yet somewhere deep in our gut, we not only KNOW we CAN, but feel we have the ABILITY to make it so.

We want results…we can taste it. However to get what you want requires CHANGE. And Jack Dixon quote nails it.

“If you focus on results you’ll never change. If you focus on change you’ll get results”

Want to compare lists of some of the “What’s stopping me”? The mountain between you and the change that sits in your soul, reaches to get your attention because you’re capable of being more _ _ _ _ _ _

  • Bullshitting ourselves into a false sense of entitlement- well, I’ve paid my dues but life is so unfair
  • A complaining and comparing mindset
  • Limiting self belief
  • Low self confidence
  • Lack of discipline and focus

Notice nothing was mentioned about the external influence of what our five senses are exposed to everyday? Because as much as your answer lies within you, the roadblocks are also internal.

The reality is, we are out of excuses…sorry, there’s nothing left.

Sit with that for a minute! You can get to where you want to be, and that is no bullshit.  However you have to decide it’s time to do something about it.

With me?

Best You!

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