When Life Gets Messy Do This

When Life Gets Messy Do This

If only it was so easy to close our eyes and the mess would…poof disappear. There are different types of mess – the ones we see with our physical eyes, and the ones we don’t see. The emotional mess.
The Physical Mess – At work there’s either a messy drawer or folder with stuff we need to eventually sort through. Our vehicle can be messy, and at home we have a drawer or closet that contains things we’re not sure what to do with, or know but can’t be bothered or it isn’t a priority to deal with. So, we shove it in our “junk drawer/closet”and when company comes the word is – you don’t want to go in there:)
I’m not a fan of physical mess because I find it inhibits my ability to enjoy my environment and be creative. I’m most certainly not a fan of emotional mess as I’ve experienced the crippling effect it has on my mind, body and behaviour. Sorting through it provides me the freedom to be happy, healthy and with how I live my life.

Your silver lining is only a decision away

The Emotional Mess – Are the ones we carry internally like a ghost invisible to others, but we’re fully conscious of its presence. The type that stems from loss that was tragic, unexpected. The ones that blindsides leaving us shocked, stunned and shattered. The way we’re inhumanely treated. The weight of emotional mess isn’t easily measured, but we find a way to cope. We medicate on food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling and cheating. Behaviours that brings temporary relief. And sadly that mess impact those we love. Not because we don’t care, but because we haven’t yet found another way.
Hear me, you don’t have to continue living in that mess. Your enslavement to habits can be broken. Like the physical mess, you take the time to sort through it. You work through it.
So it can be when dealing with emotional mess. Decide to take time and money if necessary to invest in sorting through it. You and only you get to decide when “enough is enough”.

Living with emotional mess has never served you – you know that. Your behaviour to cope isn’t serving you – you know that. It is slowly destroying you, interfering with your work performance, deteroting the love you share and alenitating meaningful friendships.
Today I encourage no, I implore you to make the decision to begin the journey of cleaning up the mess in your life. Tired not because you’ve had a hard day at work, tired because of the emotional mess is dragging you down.
This is your time to level up. Get better. Remove habits that are self-destructive and move into being healed, free, strong again, and yes, alive again. Time to restore your wellbeing and relationships important to you.
You can!

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