Where we Focus can be the Enabler of Growth

Where we Focus can be the Enabler of Growth

and the outcome will enable you to hit the target or miss the mark.

Last week checked I into a hotel to participate in a Diversity Summit, dropped off my suitcase and headed downstairs to join my peers. One of gals asked ” did you get a nice room? Yes, it’s really nice. “How about the view?” Not great, looks down into the parking lot.

After the meeting she helped carry my laptop and projector back to my room, pulled back the curtain and this was the view…the full view. You see it wasn’t just a parking lot view.  In my case I was looking down and missed the beauty of what was right in plain sight…the skyline, water, boats and mountains, if only I’d taken a moment to lift my focus.

And this happens to us, our growth or decline occurs because we’re either self-observe, too tired, stressed, or a number of other internal or external factors that contribute to our lack of growth or reaching a personal or professional goal.

What do you find yourself focusing on? and is it leaning towards growth or decline?

My life lesson is this – sometimes we miss the solution, light, essence, energy or turning point because we’re either looking

  • Down
  • In the wrong place
  • Distracted
  • With blurred vision
  • With judgment of self or others

One of my favorite quotes is “what you feed grows”, and likewise where we look/focus will result in enabling growth of fruitful seeds or unfruitful weeds. When we focus only on the stuff that creates or fuel a sense of discouragement and defeat, the outcome will have a doom and gloom effect. Yes, we have to work hard at choosing to focus on what will enable and empower us…none of us wants to lead a disabled and disempowered life.

We’ve been there and the pull to revisit does come up for me, but reminders of the state I prefer to be in enables me to make the choice to center my focus on the way I want to feel, what I want to achieve and ultimately become.

Let me encourage you today –

When you find yourself feeling disconnected, discouraged, or depressed maybe it’s time to revisit what you’re focusing on and change the direction of your gaze.

A question to help retrace your focus – “is my focus helping me grow and feel good about myself?” Maybe adding it as a alarm on your cell or sticky note to your fridge or bathroom mirror might help you focus on what you truly desire to see grow and become better at.

Let’s cultivate the habit of removing of seeing with limited vision, and train ourselves instead to focus on the internal state of where you’d like to be.

Best You!

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