Why You Should Go For It…Now

Why You Should Go For It…Now

We covered the “what’s stopping you” question in the last post and hopefully you’ve gained at the least a fraction of self-awareness about your next step forward. If you haven’t then may I strongly suggest you stop reading this and re-read that article. Make it applicable to you, not – “I think this would be good for so and so:)”
As much as this message is for you, it’s for me too! It’s time to lay aside all the jargon below that hasn’t been working for you and me –

  • When I have this (name that thing), I will do this (name that thing)
  • When I get out of debt I will save more or do this (name that thing)
  • I can’t because of this
  • I am too old
  • I am not tech savvy
  • I don’t know how
  • I don’t have time

Here are two things to practice so you can “get out of jail” – for good! This process works because it helps me and clients I serve to win the battle of fat loss, to improve self-esteem and elevate confidence, to get out of the rut of complaining comparing into a place of clarity and a deeper sense of freedom and awareness.

  1. The people who have what you want were once where you are, until they made the decision to change (read that statement again)
  2. Every time you delay executing what will transform your life, you reinforce your defense and weaken your offense

Let’s break it down –

  1. The people who have what you want were once where you are, until they made the decision to change

Pick anyone you know, want to be like, admire, is your mentor, influencer etc. They were not born that way. They worked through life’s hard knocks, struggles, setbacks, challenges and whatever else and today they’re where you want to be. PS – Though it may not be visible to you, those individuals continue to make progress, because they keep at it – to be their better best self and so can you!
This sounds so kindergarten and repetitive doesn’t it? You and I have heard it at least a hundred times before, but this is what they did, and keep doing. God, the Universe, whatever spiritual deity you believe in, will continue to bring certain messages to your consciousness until you make the decision with your heart and BEGIN the work. Why? Because there’s more for you to live, give, BE – and it’s time to stop limiting yourself.

  • Change -attitude/mindset
  • Process – Implementing a plan
  • Action – Executing the plan
  • Focus – On their WHY

Rinse and repeat
2.Every time you delay executing you reinforce your defense and weaken your offense

In Sports You
Position yourself to stop the other team from scoring – Defense
Position yourself to score – Offense

In Life You
Stop yourself from scoring! using your thoughts and words to defend your lack, smothered in gravy (excuses) and blaming others (past hurt or failures) – Defense
Freeing yourself to score! using your thoughts, words and action to develop, grow, improve and be fulfilled – Offense
The ONLY way to get clear on these two factors is to get to know yourself by cultivating a strong sense of SELF-AWARENESS.
Get that and you will notice a massive up swing in your personal and professional life. If you’re interested in learning how, access the Download Self Awareness Worksheet and like the title of this article says I think you should go for it.
Best You!

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