The best way to make a great impression

is to keep it real, because real is beautiful and fake is ugly.

real is beautiful

I could stop there and you would probably get it, and hopefully thrive to keep it real in your life.

I’m the first to say keeping it real is work, but so worth it. I used to be really ugly because I faked it, and no the saying “fake it till you make it” isn’t applicable here. I felt I had to fake it because I was afraid…fear of losing friends, fear of being judged, fear of being alone, fear of being left out, and everything else that squeezes us into a box so we keep our mask on to fit in, be loved, accepted, and whatever else we need.

It takes more work to fake it, and noticeable changes in our behaviour, attitude and mindset gets infected and the ugliness starts seeping out.

Over time I’ve moved forward in keeping it real, and in the process experienced freedom and beauty…and then I asked myself…why didn’t I do this sooner? Typical right?

Think about something or someone you admire or enjoy – what is it about that thing or person that you really like or admire? It’s them being real, it’s gravitating to nature in it’s natural state…that’s beauty.

Anything worthy of something good, meaningful and right usually takes work, it takes effort, it takes figuring out your WHY. Yes, it does…once you can answer why, you’ve discovered the reason and the doing part is easier.

Ways we can keep it real:

In expressing how we feel – we don’t need to agree with the opinion of others to fit in.

In asking for help – we’re not expected to get it right and be in control all the time…impossible.

In telling the truth – we feel better, lifted, lighter when we do, and though there might be some sting, or pain involved…over time it pays dividends.

In being yourself – you will attract what you put out, and I know we sincerely all want to attract people into our lives who are as real.

Are you looking to make an impression? Then keep it real, don’t pretend, don’t fake it, that makes you ugly…keep it real, trust me on this…

Because real my friend is beautiful!