Expectancies are Tied to Decision Making


Whatever decisions we make we live with the outcome. Sometimes the outcome over delivers or under deliver on our expectations.

Either way we own it, learn and grow from it.

When decisions are made it’s always done with the end result in mind.

We make decisions to feel good. We do it on a whim. We do it for instant gratification. We do it for short and long term gain. We do it to improve our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and financial state. We do it to help add value to others, we do it for love, and we do it for selfish gain…get even, inflict revenge or prove something to someone.

There is always an outcome attached to every decision made. The outcome is the end result. The process is the expectancy stage.

For example, I made the decision to reintroduce meditation back in my life. I did so because I remembered how beneficial it was to my wellbeing when practiced. I was more centered, less stressed and more patient.

I set the tone of what I was expecting and began the process. Today, meditation is a habit in my life.

What I expected began to manifest only when I took the initiative to act on my decision.

What decision do you need to make that will enhance the quality of your life or someone else?

What’s stopping you from doing it?

You have the opportunity to change that starting now. Take a step to act on that decision and you will begin the process of bringing to life the expectation of that decision.

I challenge you today to make a decision that will either enhance the quality of your life or someone else. It can be walking briskly for 30 min a day, practicing meditation for 2 mins, reading one book before year end, playing a sport with your kid, exercising with your partner, eating healthier, saving 10% of your pay check or something else you have been putting off.

Ditch the excuses. Get started today.

Best You!