Mothers gives us strength to soar

Whenever there’s a significant day that’s acknowledged on a national or international scale, I always ponder both sides, and today is no different, as we make plans to celebrate Mother’s Day this week-end.  I recognized that for some the relationship with their moms lacked the love and nurture that is a requirement for every child. Unfortunately, either abuse or an uneventful situation removed her from your life too soon.  Whatever the circumstances that robbed you from experiencing a mother’s love, I am truly sorry, and hoped you were able to receive the care and love from others.

This article is dedicated to women, who fulfill the role as a mother; meaning you gave the basic requirement of nurture and love, heart and soul to those in your care. You wear so many hats every day, 24-7, you find the strength to keep giving, and giving long after the lights go out at night. You rise before the rooster crows, the sound of birds chirping, and even before the sun rises. It’s not only in your doing that is noted and appreciated, but it’s in your being that is valued and admired. More