What deposits are you making into your mind? – Part 1

Load question right? Well, I found myself in an interesting place – you know, all part of life’s journey. Let me just say; though I don’t enjoy, anticipate, nor look forward to the downside and sometimes blind-side that life brings…later, I do look back; yes, I do, and appreciate the lessons I learned from both.  Though we can agree that life dishes out highs, lows, ups, downs and even blind-sides  however, we can learn, grow, and benefit from those times.  Unfortunately, it’s during those seasons we are forced to take a closer look internally, and ask the tough questions – (not the ones that add another knock-out punch to our already hurt soul), rather, the ones that can help guide us to a healthy place.  Sadly, in some instances we come up empty because there’s nothing healthy inside to draw on. More