How my confidence improved with this simple exercise


You know you have the skills to excel but you lack the confidence to step into it? You have the support and encouragement from friends or family but yet you struggle. You step into a room full of people with the sound of talking and laughter yet you felt alone?

If you ever felt that way, still feel that way or occasionally do, I know what its like. I know the energy it takes to put on a brave face and struggle to fit in, and the frustration you feel. And listening to the voice in my head didn’t help either.

Listen, my decision to improve my self-confidence took place because I didn’t like the person I was. Your reason might be different, and that’s OK…whatever your WHY is sufficient to do something to better it.

 When I discovered things could not just be different, but better, that realization started my transformation. It was powerful! I learned to accept what worked for me, and likewise learned to reject what wasn’t.

It wasn’t easy, the process of change didn’t happen overnight, however it was worth it, because along the way I found out I was worth it.

Here are the different stages that transition me into building a healthier image of the person I love. From lack to plenty in confidence.  OK, let’s get to it.

Awareness I started seeing a counselor by accident…yeah, that’s what I thought then, now I know it was a life line extended to me. When I heard what my first assignment was I laughed out loud…are you kidding me? No, I wasn’t going to look myself in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful”.

My reaction revealed the PAIN and the exercise presented had the SOLUTION.

Decision – After my initial outburst of laughter I sat in silence waiting for her to move on say something, but silence filled the air…it was extremely uncomfortable.
Aside from thinking this was a foolish idea, what else did I have to lose? I was about to find out how this simple, yet powerful exercise would be the key to my transformation.  So, I decided to take action.

Action – I had to act and when I did change was the result. I certainly didn’t leave my first session all fired up and excited to get a hold of a mirror. My first contact with my bathroom mirror had the same reaction I had when I was first presented with this assignment. LOL! And I walked away.
Eventually, the first attempt was mumbled, followed by a nervous chuckle. Why? Because no part of me saw any truth in those words
The first time I said the words “I am beautiful” with acceptance and conviction, I wept. I can still feel the emotions attached to that moment.
Why the tears? Realization of the WHY I struggled to say those words, the freedom and release I felt when I did.

Change – i I wanted to change this area of my life, because I didn’t like how I felt, and once I got into the routine of practicing that exercise, clarity became my friend, motivation and strength my support system.

I noticed my outward behavior was a reflection of what I thought about myself. I started to pay attention to things about me that I liked, qualities inside me, like being loyal to friends and family, honesty, and that extended into appreciating external attributes about myself I liked, and something beautiful started to occur.

 The DAILY awareness, the decision, the action and change was transforming my confidence, I was learning to know me, love me, and be me

It all started with one simple yet powerful exercise, when acted on, became the solution I needed “I’m beautiful”.

Today, I still use that exercise and tools to improve my life and work with clients to inspire them to do the same.

Listen, whatever area you find yourself lacking confidence in, like me, you too can discover the solution that will transition your success.

Why should you improve your confidence? Because doing so will help you be better _ _ _(fill in the blank) and better benefits you.

What’s your self-confidence story? What area are you lacking confidence in?

And as always to your continual success.