How to gain a different perspective feel better and experience change

look upYou can gain a different perspective by looking up

I remember when…

My financial situation was bleak. I got news that my dad living in South America may not make it before I arrive. I found out a close friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer while pregnant with twins. I got let go from a job because I took a stand against bullying, and told the company was moving in a different direction – got a severance to “make it all better”

And on, and on we all have stories about experiences we faced that awakened anger, hurt, sadness, heartache and changed us in someway.

I learned along the way that whatever the situation, it IS, and though the outcome may not be what I’d like, in order for me to find the strength, hope, and courage to keep going, I have to invite a different perspective. I’m not denying my emotions, feelings and reality of the situation, but my outlook and focus has to shift.

How often do you look up while en route to your destination? I’m not in the habit of doing so as my focus is usually on the destination ahead.  A few months back while waiting for the light to change, I looked up, and for the first time I noticed the difference between the old and new buildings…character.  The architectural design of the old reflected beauty which I was drawn to, while the new didn’t have the same effect. Clearly a difference of taste and preference, however I’d walked this particular street hundreds of times, yet never recognized the difference simply because I never looked up.

Though this lesson wasn’t life transforming, I learned a fresh, new different perspective can be achieved when we look up, not literally, but figuratively!

  • Spending time staring at a problem won’t produce a resolution
  • Talking or replaying the issue won’t provide a solution
  • Sometimes we’re using the wrong tool, or the right tool but using it incorrectly

Doing things differently will at the least open the door to exploring a new way that might provide either a solution or relief.

You may be facing a difficult situation and find your emotions and feelings growing worst, or unchanged with no relief. I invite you to take a different approach by changing something – your thinking, your words, your action, habit, maybe the person you talk to is all about doom and gloom.

What is one thing you can change starting now to help you look up and start gaining a different perspective? Then start doing it so you can begin to feel better and more hopeful.


To BEing your better self