What’s been sacrificed resurrected and celebrated in your life?


Love is a willingness to sacrifice

Michael Novak

Easter is not about beautiful bunnies and chocolate eggs, though bunnies are cute and chocolate…well:) For those who acknowledge this holiday it’s about remembering what the Messiah Jesus did and celebrating the outcome.

It got me thinking about our journey of life and how we live, figuratively in those three areas, and wanted to explore and reflect on this further.

Sacrifice (give up): Sacrifice is about giving something up for a greater good, and can stem from love or duty. I’m sure we can share of past and maybe in this present moment things we’ve had to give up willing or unwillingly for others or ourselves.

Sacrifices always cost something and carries a measure of pain, suffering and discomfort with it.
Maybe in the moment of sacrifice we don’t see the good, however later it made sense, and perhaps even if it never made sense, we would still walk away learning from it.
When we’re going to make a sacrifice of giving up something, we’d usually want to know

  1. WHY/Reason am I doing it?
  2. HOW is it going to better my life or another person or cause?
  3. WHAT is it going to cost me?

Resurrect: Somethings are worth being resurrected and some are just NOT worth it. Anything or anyone associated with hurt, anger, or disruption of life should be left alone, unless the resurrection is used as a reference and in someway serve a purpose.

Why invest energy into something that will not help make something or someone better? Did a better you emerge, was someone helped, was a cause advanced?

Resurrection can also apply to a new lease on life, a fresh start, new chapter, or a new perspective perhaps.

Celebrate: Sacrifice and resurrection void of celebration of what was accomplished or achieved is a waste of time and energy.

Was there freedom, release, or peace to celebrate the months maybe years of sacrifice that lead to the resurrection of a new beginning, a turning point, or change?

What are you sacrificing to achieve? Helping yourself or others, was it saving more to go on a nice vacation, help provide lunches for kids in school, sponsor a child, help a family, buy a home, a car, exercise and eat healthier to lose X amount of body fat, bring more awareness to bullying, gender equality and so on.

Now we have something to celebrate – a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment, relief and pride.

We’ve all faced our own personal sacrifice, resurrection and celebration and will likely experience it again and again. During this time, if you celebrate the meaning of Easter or not, take this moment to not only focus on your personal sacrifice, resurrection and celebrate it, but be mindful of others who sacrificed to help make your life better in some way.

Reach out if you can this week-end and say thanks.