Elevate your business with these three steps

We’re all on the look out for ways to prosper or improve the function of our business right? If it’s a no, then you seriously need to clarify why you’re in business.
I’m not going to bore you with stats or research blah blah blah!The truth is you’ve probably heard or read about these basic yet practical and effective ways to implement, and begin to see positive changes in your business regardless of the size and purpose.
The key ingredient here is transformation – stay with me it’s worth your time, and here are the three areas in the order of priority and why.

The customers/clients
If you’re selling a service or product you need people aka customers/clients, and by asking listening and observing their behavior when they’re looking to make a purchase will give you clues to help “transform” your approach and improve the quality of your product/service. Here are some things to consider.

How you show up
How you speak
How you listen
How you sell
How you respond

No two customers are very alike, get that and you’ll become a specialist in what you do. Your clients will notice and gravitate to you because your service becomes personalized.  Ding ding win win!

On the other hand if you don’t tune into what they’re saying you’ll eventually lose them and that equates to a deficit and we want to avoid falling into that hot red margin.

Your employees
Value your employees by showing them! They are asset to the success of your business, genuinely invest in them and gains will come.
Having an amazing mission statement with impressive words to gratify your ego isn’t cutting it. I’m assuming you hired smart people to better your business; so why treat them with like they’re not?

They are people not robots so show them the respect you would like shown to you.
We sometimes forget that our employees work to make our business better, and are knowledgeable and can provide relevant and valuable information to improve the function of services. It can be simple changes or tweaks in processing or delivering, which translates into saving time and saved time is money saved.

Ask your employees questions specific to their role.
Listen intently to them and take notes if you have to.
Don’t be afraid to ask them for their opinion on how things are being done and any ideas they have that could improve the function, process or product.
Never make changes that will have an impact on your employees without first (if possible) giving them the heads-up

That simple gesture tells them you are a person of integrity and sees them as an important part of the team.

Though you’re last on the list, your role is front and centre in every step.  By being open and willing to listen and adjust to the needs of your customers and employees you’re setting yourself up for transformational elevation in your business, which automatically overflows into your personal life.

So to sum it up – pay attention to how you are with your customers/clients and employees,  and take the steps you think needs improvement.  Switch on the “it’s about them AND me” mindset and apply change to those areas, and you’ll begin to see areas of your business and self prosper beyond a profit margin.

To your health and enjoyment!