My desire to lose weight was doing laps like Michael Phelps

but never got gold until…

Active care

A recent comment from a client prompted me to write this piece. She said “I’m successful in every area of my life except this”…feelings of frustration, discouragement and deflation are words commonly used to describe the struggle with either weight loss or management.
A struggle I relate to…win some, lose some. Actually, my greatest weight loss achievement happened in my late thirties…more on that later.

My desire to lose weight was not to have a size 24-inch waist or six pack abs… maybe four:) I wanted the least amount of fat to grab around my waist, be comfortable in my clothes, and feel good about myself. That was my desire and over time became my reality.
In my quest to be successful I tried…slim fast shakes, “proven” diet formulas, weight loss pills, cleanse, gym memberships, to being over and under whelmed, I discovered what didn’t work and more so what actually worked…for me.

Here are a few things I had to come to terms with
It’s not easy – acceptance (not resolve)
Failing/learning taught me what doesn’t work for ME – awareness (this comprised of words like diet…thoughts like…what’s wrong with me and counterproductive actions like…I had an intense workout today, so I deserve two scoops of ice cream.)
My depth of readiness – attitude/mindset (good, bad, ugly)
What’s required of me – action (what does it look like)
To bring my desire to life, I needed to set it free from the constraints of my mind. Like a bird locked in a cage, I had to open the cage and set it free. Then, and only then my chance to literally bring that desire to reality went up by100%. I learned desire was never enough to get me gold until I did the work. It took multiple times of failing/learning yes, however I was eventually rewarded for it.

There’s a number of reasons why we get stuck in our heads: Mine was my attitude and how my mindset was locked and fixated on.
• I tried every diet and nothing works – Frustrated & fed-up
• I don’t know what else to do – Overwhelmed & tired
• I can’t do this anymore – Discouraged & Giving up
It’s OK to feel and express how you feel, but its NOT OK for you to give up. The excuses, or reasons may be valid to you, but sitting in them isn’t helping you achieve your reality.

Sitting in silence hurts, you don’t have to continue feeling deflated and defeated…unless you want to. So how about it? Remember, Michael Phelps didn’t become world class overnight. If you find yourself in the same place like I was, I encourage you to answer the questions here. They might help provide clarity and get you moving again.

Acceptance – what have you accepted? “this is your lot in life” or “the last attempt didn’t work because of XYZ”. Avoid using excuses, remember truth is your ticket to freedom”

Awareness – what’s one thing you’re very clear on now?

Attitude – What’s your state of mind about this area in your life? Is it too negative or can be more positive?

Action – Based on what you’ve discovered to this point, what do you think is your next step of action? (notice I said next, not next 2 or 3 steps)

In my next post I’ll share what I did to help me lose over 50lbs, improved my health, increased my energy, and boosted my confidence.

To quote the lyrics in PINK song…TRY

You gotta get up and try, try, try…

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