Why this picture is priceless and what it taught me

boyreadingIt was Saturday morning around 9am, the sun was waking up, it was a picture perfect crisp morning and I out with our dog DJ for her morning walk, when I saw this. I literally stopped and stared…a young boy no older than 9 years sitting alone comfortably in quiet by the lake reading…a book.

I fumbled for my phone to capture this moment before it passed…the same response I feel whenever eagles happen to visit the lake, I’m in awe of their majestic presence and can’t help but feel they came by just for me.  Unfortunately with the eagles, they rarely sit still for me to get a shot.

However in this moment there was only a sense of deep concentration, my presence with our feisty beagle wasn’t a distraction. It was clear this young man was caught up in what he was reading and enjoying himself.

Why priceless? It’s a rare thing I see. I’ve gotten use to seeing headphones and wires with blank unresponsive looks. This was engaging, this was beautiful, this was priceless.

What it taught me, or more of a reminder

  • Investing ALONE time in nature at least once a week can provide healthy benefits like
    • Relaxation of the body
    • Rejuvenation and calming of the mind
    • Refreshing the soul
    • Reconnecting to your inner self

15 minutes a day getting as close to nature as you can. Your phone turned down, headset left behind, just you, the water, a trail, the mountains, trees, listening to the birds, sitting or walking appreciating the beauty around you can recharge and revive your tired mind and body.

Don’t tell me you don’t have 15 mins a day to invest in your well being, when you do it every day for others. We make ourselves available because we’re paid to do so, at home because we are the provider, care-giver, because it’s our way of showing we care, we love. Yet when it’s time to be responsible and give time to SELF, give CARE, show LOVE to self, it’s a struggle. Why? Only you can answer that question.

May I encourage you to practice time away with yourself this week,  you deserve that much.

This week, I (your name) will schedule time to invest at least 15 min a day in my well-being.

To you BEing your better self.